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Bathroom Repair – How to Install Toilet Handrails

Hello my name is Joshua Clement with  Lady contractors and today we’ll be  discussing how to install toilet  handrails I’m going to show you how to  properly install a handrail and a  bathroom you don’t need a couple tools  for this one a number two phillips head  bit to a drill corded or battery-powered  a pen or a pencil wall anchors the  screws and handrail most your hand rails  provide screws in the packaging you’re  going to want to place the handrail  about a foot in front of the toilet this  ensures that no matter the size of the  person.

They’ll still have a good grasp  on the handrail you take your hand rail  place it on the wall with pen in hand go  ahead and mark your holes  next we’re going to take the drill and  drill bit and drill the holes out  now take your wall anchors and place  them in the hole firmly take your hand  rail putting the screw in the top hole  and lining it up with the wall anchor  take your drill make sure you’re going  forward and tighten it up taking the  screw go into the bottom hole and  tighten it up now your other holes  should line up pretty good if they’re  off a little bit it should make much of  a difference and there you have it I’m  Joshua Clement flighty contractors and  that’s how you install handrail.