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How to choose your lawn mower?

The type of ground to mow Of course, prefer a model of self-propelled or self-propelled lawn mower if your garden looks like a roller coaster. If it  is flat and small, an electric lawn mower or a push mower does the job – 600 m² max.  To choose your lawn mower, consider the configuration of your garden and your requirements: the type of terrain , the height  of cut  and the area that determines the width of cut .  Cutting height  The cutting height is relative to what you want to do with your lawn. If you want an English green, like a  grass  that does  not exceed 3 cm in height, you will be demanding on this criterion and choose a lawn mower offering this possibility.

Otherwise, no stress, the proposed variations will meet your needs. The cutting height is adjusted using a lever placed on the housing – the element that houses the blade – or handlebars. The cutting height has a minimum and a maximum of between 20 and 65 mm.  Cutting width The cutting width is proportional to the surface of your land. The wider it is, the less you do. We retain the following correspondences for a surface:    ≤ 500m², choose a blade of 33 to 41 cm;  500m² ≥ Surface ≤ 1000m², prefer a blade of 41 to 46 cm;  1000m² ≥ Surface ≤ 2500m², choose a 48 to 55 cm blade;  surfaces ≥ 2500m² mow with blades of 66 cm minimum.  What are the main features of lawn mowers?   Manomano  Some of the features below are optional, others are predefined and dependent on the power of the lawn mower.   Push mower or self-propelled mower  Optional on smaller power lawn mowers. The mower is either pushed by the user or self-propelled – it advances by itself.

Prefer a walk- behind mower  if your terrain is steep or if the surface is large . Lawnmowers  breakouts are suitable for  gardens of 300 to 600 m² without elevation and with many massive – the use of an electric lawnmower being laborious because  of its wire. Riding lawn mower  Specially designed for large areas ≥ 6000m²  ; Riding lawn mowers offer a better cutting width , good maneuverability and  are comfortable . Riding lawn mowers may have headlights, a bobbin holder and kart-like looks. On lawn mowers, we find allthe existing options on other mower models.  Lawn mower options  mulching  This thoughtful option is used to grind your grass when mowing implicitly means you do not need a grass catcher or lawnmower . Your grass, reduced minced menu, is deposited on your lawn and restores generously its nutrients. This avoids fertilizer , however, you will need to mow more often and lower. Blade disengagement   Optional, it is a system that immobilizes the blade of the mower. This is convenient because it saves you from stopping your  lawn mower when you empty the bin and when an obstacle is on your toy pass, stone etc.   Variable speed of advance   Convenient option that allows you to adjust the speed of the mower with a lever on the handlebar.  Adjustable handlebar   For more comfort for the user.  Foldable handlebar  To save space when your mower is stored.