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What rules to follow when planning a bedroom?

In France, the parental bedroom measures on average 12m² (4m × 3m) while a child’s room, 9m² (2.7m × 3,4m). It is never less than 7m², but can be much larger. But in itself, you can arrange a room, big or small, as you like, thanks to the thousand
and one ideas of homify. To decorate a space, whatever it may be, always start with the essentials, without fear of adding a personal touch. First, measure the spaces and list the items you want to have, regardless of the room.

Focus on functionality and comfort. In a room, the focal point of all is naturally the bed. Choose a fashionable one but especially in which one feels at ease. If you can afford it, invest in a bed of good size and quality. About the mattress,  it is kept on average 14 years. It should be known that 90 to 95% of the bedding available in France are manufactured on the  national territory. This is due, among other things, to a higher quality of the mattresses and sommiers, but also because  the sizes vary from one country to another. The reference is still the mattress 140 x190 cm, with more than 50% of market  share, but the mattress 140 x 200 cm begins to take the serious step. In addition, there is a growing craze for larger  sizes:

As for the bed frames, there is something for everyone! Solid wood, recycled, wrought iron, canopy or bunk, double or  single. Tastes have evolved a lot, as has the relationship to furniture. Today, one in ten Europeans is thought to have been conceived in an Ikea bed. The big Swedish brand has forced down market prices while offering more choice in terms of style. Moreover, a solid oak bed will last better in time. It’s up to you to define your expectations and desires: a durable and expensive bed for the long term, or a bed of inferior quality whose price is also lower but that you will be able to change more easily and without bad conscience according to the evolution of your tastes.

Take care while choosing mattresses, duvets and cushions. During your purchases, never compromise on quality. Then think
about storage space, adapted to the space available. If you are in the eaves, a custom furniture can be a solution; if you have high ceilings, you may want to consider a wall cabinet; and if you have a wide room, a dressing room is a great idea.