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Which arrangement to choose for my bedroom?

Spatial organization can be difficult, but some basic planning will help you arrange a fantastic bedroom. Whether your style is rustic, romantic, industrial or modern , you’ll know what to do.The master bedroom: it must have enough space for a queen or king size bed. Opt for the bed against a wall with one or two matching bedside tables and lamps. Place a dresser on the perpendicular or opposite wall, and if you have room, a full- length mirror and an armchair. Also use a large rug to anchor and fill the space.

The guest room: your guests will enjoy a comfortable room, with a bed and accessories making them feel at home. Purchase a sofa bed that cleverly adapts to the available space. Do not mobilize this room in the night area, since you will not haveĀ  guests every day. This space must be versatile and adapted to your daily life. An office, a library, a dressing room … Maximize the space! Small rooms or children’s rooms: a child’s room is generally smaller. Choose a bed in height or with built-in storage to save space. In the same way, consider floating shelves instead of bedside tables.

What colors dress up my room?

There is of course a distinction between floor and wall coverings. As in every room, we bet on a plain covering (traditionally wood on the floor and white on the wall) or we distinguish the floor of the wall via patterns. In these cases, to avoid overloading the room, remember to choose patterns on the walls and keep the ground, or vice versa. In addition, do not neglect the influence of colors on your well-being. If you need energy in the morning, aim for the yellows or the orange trees. For something more relaxing, pastels will be your allies. For a gentle warmth, ecru, moles and natural colors will make you happy. And for a more modern result, consider color block, red, white, black, interior designers and decorators have managed to do!